Band Members

                    Marcos Delminios                           Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar       

The front man of the group. Recently taken to playing rhythm guitar in the band and this has added a new dimension to the band and to him personally. Great voice and leads the line well.

                      Chris 'Drac' Knowlson                   Lead Guitar/Vocals       

'Drac' as he is affectionately known came to the band as a 'bedroom' guitarist. Fresh onto the 'gig' scene. However, since his arrival back in 98 he has gone from strength to strength. Particularly when the band lost the excellent Gary Jackson on lead guitar Chris had to come into his own as lead and rhythm. Now an integral part of the band his main asset is his enthusiasm, always there when you need him.

                      Dave 'Slap' Morgan                        Bass/Vocals           

Dave is the 'daddy' of the band. As a father of four children he makes sure we don't stray too much. Unless of course the whiskey comes out and he has a pass out for the night. Dave is an excellent bass player and got the nickname 'slap' for obvious reasons. An original member of the band 'The Absolute' with Mark, Smithy and Simon way back in the 80's and doesn't look any different today.

        Simon Pooley                                   Keyboards           

Simon likes any music that has a prominent keyboard part in it, for obvious reasons but then again a lot of good music has some excellent keyboard parts. Since Simon came back to the band a couple of years ago he has added a new dimension to the music which has allowed the band to vary the type of music played.

                     Smithy                                              Drums/Vocals       

Smithy just hits the drums very hard. The joker of the band who just loves to 'get his eye out'. The only time this guy is serious, apart from when he is playing, is when he has had a few too many sherbets and he has to organise putting the gear in the van. (He's the only one who knows how it all goes in, of which he reminds us often, particularly when drunk). The main backing vocalist in the band and sings lead on a Police medley and The Cult's classic 'Rain'


       Ohhhh  Gary Kell            Sound Engineer    

Mr Kell, the 'grand-daddy' of the band looks after the guys, and a good job he does of it. The sixth member of the band as he likes to get up and do a 'turn' on the bass guitar. Makes sure that the noise the guys are making sounds audible to the paying public and always gets the blame if it isn't, (even if it's not his fault). Absolutely smashing lad who will do anything for you. He's now using a PC at home and his wife, Kay, has become a PC widow. How sad!!!!!

                      Craig                                  Lighting Engineer   

He's back!!!!! Craig is back with the band. The original lighting engineer who left a couple of year's ago was helping us out last week fixing things as usual and as we do not have a lighting engineer he is happy to re join the band. Welcome back Craig. And so say all of us!!!